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Kelly B. (San Diego, US)
Good if you get it on sale.

I give this bike 3 stars, only because I bought it for 50% off. The frame is well made the wheels are very good. It has hydraulic disc brakes, which is very good. I can’t really speak to the front forks, as I only ride this bike on the street. The lockout is nice and always on. Now for the bad. From day one the chain has skipped and jumped cogs especially on the third and fourth highest gear. Peddling under load felt like my chain was covered in gravel. The dealer replaced the cassette twice. We replaced the chain, adjusted the indexing, checked derailleur hanger, replaced derailleur hanger. Nothing fixed the issue. Finally, I bought a Shimano Deore cassette and the skipping and gravel feel was solved. The S-Ride derailleur and shifter look good and feel well made. The indexing seemed just slightly off. Getting it dialed in was fickle. I went ahead and swapped them out with Deore and now the bike rides great. So, in closing, if you can get the bike for $500-600, and put $200 in upgrading the group set, you will have a great $700-800 bike.

Anonymous (Oklahoma City, US)
Exceeded Expectation

I did a lot of research before buying the Eleven M1x11. I quickly noticed that other bikes in this price range didn't have nearly as many features. I was hesitant at first only because I had never heard of the brand. I'm so glad that I got to a point to see past the "fancy" brands in order to make the decision to purchase this bike. I was even more impressed with how it performed on the trails. The shifting was smooth and very responsive. I would recommend this bike to a friend looking for a quality bike to help get started in the sport without breaking the bank.

Brian C. (Ogden, US)
Good bike. But if you try to add comfort grips or things under seat you'll have issues riding it.

Purchased Oct. And being told for brakes theirs no tension adjustment for handicapped rider. And i need to invest over $200 to fix brakes

Michael S. (Rock Hill, US)
Amazing Value - Solid Performer

Finally made it out to my local trails which I wanted to do before reviewing. Bike arrived two days early and damage free; nicely packed. Assembly was easy. Brakes and gears (after minor barrel adjustment) ready to ride out of the box. Build quality appears very nice. Bike is sturdy, smooth and quiet. This fells more like a M\L than a true M - I measured it at 17.5". Not much space on stand over for me personally - but not uncomfortable either. (Plus I prefer a taller bike anyway).
On the trails the only limitation of the bike was my fitness and skill. Bike seams very capable of the green single track and blue flow trails at my local. This is a perfect entry level machine especially for someone like me over 45 and getting back into the sport at a casual level after over 12 years from last off road ride.
This should really be 4.5 stars except for a few nit-picks: 1] seat post is too long; gets held up by bottle mount preventing full lower position. (Plus with tall stand over mount/dismount is a little sketch.) Will need to cut or replace (w/dropper of course). 2] The paint does chip easily. Managed to chip it setting it against my work bench. 3] Tires are decent enough to get started but will need upgrade when worn depending on trail profile. My trails have fair amount of loose gravel and roots and a more aggressive pattern could improve handling.
Overall, for the amount of features this bike packs and at the ridiculous sale price, the value of this bike is very hard to beat.

A1 (Detroit, US)
Great value for money when on sale, but...

1. UPS delivery is awful!!! Doesn't cost even $1. Not to speak about $100 charged...
2. Assembly manual would be very helpful. But it's still pretty easy to figure everything out even with no googling.
3. Couple necessary tools could add the value.
4. I personally don't like Presta valves. It would be great if 1 or 2 adapters to regular Shrader were included. It adds literally $1 to price!
5. No cover for pedal axle from gear side.
6. No cover for front gear.
7. Too long suspension lock metal wire.
8. My bike has several issues:
-rear brake had oil near the lever what is either leak or imperfect assembly;
-2 highest gears are switching back and forth by themselves;
-rear braking disk is touching the pads;
-something is wobbling inside pedal axle during a ride.