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Frequently asked questions

Our eFitness model is designed for those who are looking for an efficient way to get around, get some exercise, and get a little boost along the way.

Our eM1x10 model is designed to be fun on everything from the road, to the path, to the trail!

Our eFitness ST model is step-through version of our eFitness model designed to make it easier for you to mount and dismount by simply stepping through the lowered frame.

All of our bikes use rear hub motors and modified “standard” bike frames, which is part of why they look- and ride- like a non-electric bike. Our frames do not house internal batteries, so they remain sleeker and lighter, and allow for much easier access for removal/ installation of the external battery. 

All e11even bikes are Class 2 bikes, meaning they have a maximum assisted speed of 20mph, and work either while pedaling or by using the thumb throttle. You do not have to be pedaling for the throttle assist to work, unlike Class 1 e-bikes. 

You can charge your battery as often as you like, remembering to only ever use the originally supplied charger for your bike. It’s important to never leave your e-bike charging for long periods of time unattended, and is always recommended to disconnect your battery from the charger once it is fully charged. You can extend the life of your battery by only charging when the battery gets low, 20% or lower. Discharging your battery more fully before charging, “deep cycling” the battery, helps the battery deliver full capacity … like a muscle, using the full range of power makes it work better. 

As with any other type of cycling, riding your e11even e-bike in the rain is safe. Our e-bike systems are IPX1 rated, meaning they are safe for normal use in the rain. They are not submersible and should not be ridden in deep water, or for extended periods in the rain, but are totally safe for normal use/ commuting in the rain or after a rain, when roads are wet. 

Unlike some other brands, we do not encourage circumventing the system controls. Tampering with the system voids your warranty as well, so we hope you won’t decide to experiment.